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When working with us you can remain anonymous.

When working with you, we guarantee to maintain confidentiality.

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Detective Agency "Private Detective"

Why in our time, people are more likely to trust the private detectives? Why turn to private detective agency? The fact is that sometimes we find ourselves in a very awkward situation and our problems to be solved sensitively. These issues do not always fall within the competence of law enforcement. And sometimes our problems are solved by law enforcement agencies too long without proper zeal.

Our credo -

«My work is better than any promises!»

  • - we follow the rules, which are the criteria for the actions of any credible detective agency;
  • - we are the most open and honest with their customers, regardless of the arisen situation;
  • - we never promise more than we can really do, but always ensure the secrecy of our work with each client.


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Jealousy - it is one of the most negative feelings that nowhere can turn any dialogue in such a storm that already about any relationship and can not speak. And this happens even when there is absolutely no cause for jealousy.

If you have your own company or the company you work manager, then you will definitely want to your whole team has been faithful and responsible in achieving common goals.

Carrying out surveillance on people - it is a difficult task that requires not only specialized knowledge of every nuance, but also long-term practice. Indeed, in this case, any mistake can lead to failure. Therefore, if you need someone to spy

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