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When working with us you can remain anonymous.

When working with you, we guarantee to maintain confidentiality.

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Detective Agency "Private Detective"

Why in our time, people are more likely to trust the private detectives? Why turn to private detective agency? The fact is that sometimes we find ourselves in a very awkward situation and our problems to be solved sensitively. These issues do not always fall within the competence of law enforcement. And sometimes our problems are solved by law enforcement agencies too long without proper zeal.

Our credo -

«My work is better than any promises!»

  • - we follow the rules, which are the criteria for the actions of any credible detective agency;
  • - we are the most open and honest with their customers, regardless of the arisen situation;
  • - we never promise more than we can really do, but always ensure the secrecy of our work with each client.

Detective Agency "Private Detective Cyprus"

Our detective agency is characterized by the fact that all of our employees once worked in law enforcement. And now they use in their work there all the accumulated experience and connections. Equally important is the fact that we - it's not a private investigator, and a team of experts, whose interaction is clearly established, and even in the most critical situations and in solving quite complex and sensitive issues we do not lose the essence of the problem and seek a solution.

Each of our private detective agency is also able to make their own decisions if the need arises, and be held accountable. Therefore, you should not worry about what might happen some malfunctions and force majeure in the implementation of our work. Under any circumstances, we will make every effort to bring the follow through. Detective Services, which you can order from us can be provided not only in Cyprus and in particular those resorts like Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos, but also in any other part of the globe. This is due to the fact that each of our private detective is always ready to travel, including urgent and unexpected, but we also work closely and cooperate with our colleagues in other countries. And this quality of our work does not become worse. So wherever you are, if you need to solve some issues in Cyprus, you can call our detective agency "Private Detective Cyprus." In the same way, and in Cyprus, but wanting to check her husband's for faithfulness, while he is on a business trip in another country, you can order this service from us.

Our detective agency in Cyprus provides a very wide range of services. We have the same responsibility and the guarantee of confidentiality come to the identification of adultery and child safety of our customers. In all the years of work has not been such treatment in our detective agency from which we

abandoned for some reason. The only thing that will never work any of our private detective - are issues related to the crime. We clearly observe the laws of the country in which we operate, and never cover the criminals. One of the primary missions of our detective agency is to ensure the safety of our customers, fulfilling their orders, but in the framework of compliance with the code of honor of the private detective.

The cost of a private detective in every situation is calculated individually, because it depends on a lot of different nuances. To find out the price of the solution of your question, you will need to call our detective agency and explain the essence of the problem, followed by a private detective announce you the number.




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